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Oak Sleepers

We offer large variety of untreated oak sleepers available at wholesale prices. All prices below do not include VAT or delivery. Delivery charges for all parts of the UK start from as little as £60 + VAT for oak sleepers stacked on a pallet, with higher delivery charges for larger orders and crane/hiab deliveries. We will provide a fixed price for haulage within a few hours if you contact us with the necessary details regarding quantities and delivery address.


Our untreated oak sleepers are great for making raised beds and borders, retainer walls, steps and pathways, and even suit for designing a furniture. Give your garden unique appearance and design with real oak!


Oak Sleepers (mm)
100 x 200 x 2400 £21.00 + VAT ea £16.00 + VAT ea £18.00 + VAT ea
125 x 225 x 2400 £27.00 + VAT ea £22.00 + VAT ea £24.00 + VAT ea
Crosscut £2.75 + VAT ea £2.75 + VAT ea NA
Wane One edge only, max 5cm depth No restriction on wane NA
Split Splits/Cracks no more than 3mm width No restriction on split/cracks NA
Measurements Maximum +/- 5% variation
on stated dimensions
Dimensions may exceed +/-5%
difference from that described
Warping/Curvature Not Permitted Up to 3% permitted NA


Important Information on Sleeper Grading
As almost all landscaping oak has some imperfections, we divide our sleepers into Standard, Rustic and Ungraded categories.

Standard Grade: We recommend Standard Grade when precise dimensions are required, and bark/wane is to be limited as we have visually inspected each sleeper.

Rustic Grade: When economical solution is needed, defects are acceptable and customers have the equipment to manipulate the timber through sanding, cutting or planing, undoubtedly Rustic Grade is the perfect solution.

Ungraded: Our ungraded oak sleepers present the stocks, which weren't physically inspected by our staff, are strapped in their original sawmill bundles and could consist of up to 20% sleepers with defects, which will classify them as Rustic Grade. In some cases there will be no oak sleepers with defects, however we can't guarantee this as we do not inspect Ungraded stock in any way. Bundles of ungraded sleepers are sold in packs of 30 for the 100 x 200mm size and packs of 24 for the 125 x 225 size, and can not be divided into smaller quantities.

Crosscuts: We offer cutting service for all our oak sleepers at a cost of 2.75 + VAT per cut. In order to ensure very clean and precise cut we use only radial arm saw instead of chainsaw. Price reductions could apply for very large cutting lists. Do not hesitate to email or call us with the specific lengths you require and our friendly staff will ensure you will receive the stock according to your needs.


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