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Who is Wholesale Wood UK?

WWUK specialise in bulk wholesaling of timber for resellers and commercial projects across the UK and Ireland. Our producers are based here in the UK and as well South and Eastern Europe. We do not source timber from outside the European Union, and all of our wood complies with relevant European Union Timber Regulations (EUTR).

What kind of products do you sell wholesale?

We have large supply contracts with reliable manufacturers to supply green oak timber such as oak sleepers and oak fencing. We also import softwood euro-size pallets for an economical packing product. Our biggest product line is in wood fuel, such as kiln dried logs and wood pellets.

What quantities do you deliver?firewood importers

Typically we aim to sell full articulated trailer loads directly from our 44,000 square foot premises in Retford. However we can supply other quantities and in some situations we will opt to send you container directly from port.

Is trade credit possible?

Yes, please call us to discuss.

Do you charge VAT?

By law we have to charge 20% VAT on timber products. The only exception is firewood or fuel purchased for consumption, where businesses are entitled to the reduced rate of 5% VAT. In all cases we will discuss this with you.

Why do you recommend using a reputable importer like Wholesale Wood UK?custom firewood imports

Dealing with manufacturers and foreign producers of timber can be a risky business without the proper insurance industry knowledge needed. There are many reported cases of smaller buyers sending large sums of money abroad only to find their timber arrives wet, mouldy, out of specification, or not at all. Our extensive experience of the international trade of timber means we can simplify the process for you. We regularly send our own staff to abroad to inspect manufacturing facilities and to evaluate the viability of any business we collaborate with. You will not have to deal with any persons who do not speak English nor will you have to transfer any payments to foreign accounts. All payments to Wholesale Wood UK are made by transfer to a UK Bank account or by credit/debit card, and to a registered UK business with an excellent trading history.

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