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Oak Sleepers


We hold large quantities of UK untreated landscaping oak all year round. Below are the dimensions and prices of the stock we hold but remember we can cut these to any lengths you need. Haulage is quoted on a case by case basis and a description of our fee schedule can be found upon request.


Sleepers (mm)
100 x 200 x 2400 £39 + VAT ea £18 + VAT ea £20 + VAT ea
125 x 225 x 2400 £49 + VAT ea £24 + VAT ea £26 + VATea
50 x 200 x 2400 £17 + VAT ea £9 + VAT ea £11 + VAT ea
30 x 200 x 2400 £14 + VAT ea £6 + VAT ea £7 + VAT ea
Fence Post (mm)
75 x 75 x 2400 £12 + VAT ea £6 + VAT ea £7 + VAT ea
100 x 100 x 2400 £17 + VAT ea £9 + VAT ea £10 + VAT ea
Wane One edge only, max 5cm depth No restriction on wane NA
Split Splits/Cracks no more than 3mm width No restriction on split/cracks NA
Measurements Maximum +/- 5% variation on stated dimensions Dimensions may exceed +/-5% difference from that described NA
Warping/Curvature Up to 1% Permitted No restrictions on warping/curvature NA


Important Information on Oak Grading
All landscaping oak has imperfections, however we divide ours into A Grade, B Grade (rustic) and Ungraded.

A GRADE: If precise dimensions are required, and bark/wane is to be limited, we recommend A Grade, where we will have visually inspected each sleeper.

B GRADE (rustic): Where defects are permissible, or where customers have the equipment to manipulate the timber through sanding, cutting or planing, a very economical route is to use B Grade.

UNGRADED: If you are willing to take oak pieces which have not been individually inspected by us, you can buy Ungraded stock. You should expect a percentage will have some defects that would usually cause us to grade them as B Grade with the remainder being what we could class as A Grade.

Crosscuts: We can cut your sleepers at a cost of 2 + VAT per cut. We use a radial arm saw (not a chainsaw) for a very clean and precise cut. Please email us with the specific lengths you require or call us and tell us what you need. For very large cutting lists we can usually reduce the price per cut.


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